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Mind you, I have a metric ton of mods.

Kairi/Revan - I start her out with the prototype vibroblade in the main hand, and an Echani blade (the balanced one you buy from Keebla) in the off-hand.

Once she hits Dantooine, I'll change out to RedHawke's Revan's green sabers (short in the off-hand). After Leviathan, I occasionally switch to a double-bladed violet, since the story in my head has Malak destroying Kairi's saber.

Armor: I have a custom armor I made for her that uses the Darth Bandon appearance, and is awarded after the swoop race. It's explained as the Bek's wager on the race. After Leviathan, I switch to Fallen One's robes, and switch to RedHawke's Revan the White robes when storming the Star Forge.

Carth - I have a mod which amps up his pistols to about the level of the Cassus Fett blaster and puts one in each hand. Fully upgrade them both. If I cross-class him, he gets either the Knight's Staff, or a double-bladed with a Revan's Heart (Yup, RedHawke's!) crystal. Armor is T7Nowhere's Carth Infiltrator Suit. It looks like an all-black version of his regular clothing.

Mission - I modded her to have Maverick's Mission's Blaster Rifle upon her recruitment. If I cross-class her, I give her a Mantle of the Force double-bladed saber with Firkrann and Jenruax crystals (droid-killers). Armor is either the Baragwin Shadow Armor or RedHawke's Vao Robes.

Zaalbar - Don't bother with the bowcaster. I found a "Zaalbar's items" mod (can't recall author) that gives him a solid, upgradable warblade. Later, it's Bacca's blade in the main hand, and Mission's in the off hand, more for symbolism than anything.

Bastila - RedHawke strikes again with a custom saber for her. I tend to put in a Solari and Krayt Dragon Pearl (the latter, again, for symbolism). The Jedi Royal Guard Miggido robes are her armor.

T3-M4 - RedHawke's Prototype blaster pistols, droid composite armor, a flame thrower and a stun ray or Carbonite projector.

Canderous - RedHawke's Ordo Armor, and his usual BFG with full upgrades. Why mess with perfection?

Juhani: Two Guardian Heart sabers with the most damaging crystals I have on hand. Armor is Svosh's Juahni Dark Robes. They look gorgeous on her and enhance her stealth.

HK-47 - RedHawke's prototype rifle, composite armor, and twin flamethrowers.

Jolee: I can't recall who came up with the Jolee robes and poison saber, but they have my thanks and a permanant spot in my collection.

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