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Originally Posted by Admiral_Thrawn View Post
You need to check your spelling as it truly it quite bad. Futer? Resive? Such things are easily noticed. You may want to hold off on releasing more until you learn to spell . . . and use grammar. No offense.
Not quite the way i'd put it, or possibly the way it should be put, if one is to encourage the writer further. Try to keep criticism constructive.

@ Lord of Destruction,

It's very short, but, given that you say it's a preview, the brevity isn't an issue. I would recommend proof-reading and spell-checking your work, however, and possibly getting someone else to check it beforehand.

If you want the opinion of one of the writers here before you post the finished chapter, you can use the Beta service - if you ask one of the writers there they should be more than willing to oblige you.


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