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Might I suggest an alternative method for obtaining precise UV map guides for GMax users? It looks a bit convoluted, but it's relatively straight forward once you've done it a couple of times.

First, download UVMapper Classic from here. This is a standalone EXE (i.e. no installation required) that is free. It has limited functionality, but is fine for our purposes.

Then you'll need to download Xzzy's OBJ export script and the GrabListener utility from here (the "Renx OBJ Tools" link). Make a folder in GMax's \scripts directory and extract the tools there.

In GMax, do the following:
  1. Change to the Utilities tab
  2. Click the MAXScript button
  3. Click the Open Listener button
  4. In the Listener window that pops up, go to Edit->Clear All
  5. Back in the MAXScript tab, click the Run Script button
  6. In the file browser that pops up, navigate to the folder you just created and select
  7. In the Utilities drop-down menu, click on OBJ Import/Export
  8. Under the section that appears, click the Export button
  9. You'll see the Listener window fill with lots of co-ords. Wait until it finishes and then go to the directory you extracted the OBJ tools to and run GrabListener.exe It will pop up a save file window. Save your file with an OBJ extension
  10. Run UVMapper.exe. Go to File->Load Model and navigate to your OBJ. You should now see the UV map. It will be stretched to fit the window, but don't worry.
  11. Go to File->Save Texture Map. In the window that pops up, choose a resolution (the default should be 512x512) and save out a BMP of your UV map.
  12. Open Photoshop or whatever editing program you are using and import the BMP. Make it the base layer and build your texture over the top of it.

A pictorial guide for the GMax component:

A note concerning multi-object GMax files. The OBJ script only exports a single mesh object at a time. If you have a multi-part model (like a body for instance) you'll have to join them all together into a single mesh before exporting. You should also delete any bones and helper objects if there are any. Just make sure you don't save the GMax file after you do that!
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