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Lets get back to reality. Do you know how easy it is to deal with this stuff?

*Click - Power Off*

You just have to click the off button, and everything will go away nice and shiny.

Is there a clique of moderators and visitors? Sure there is. Starting post of the original thread comes off like the whose who of It doesn't surprise me that there is one; however, I kind of wish they didn't stick up for each other. Average visitors come in and complain about some of them, and the moderators jump to their friend's defence. Can anyone on the outside do anything about it? Not directly. I know of three people on that list who should have been banned, and I know who comes to their defence on a daily basis. I will be witness in saying I have seen some balanced justice at times; however, I have never seen the rules be tightened to the equivalency of absolute.

Proof that being a veteran doesn't mean you get a free pass: Achilles

*Click - Power Off*
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