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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I did reply to you, if not directly. See post #54.
Bleah *reads*

I occasionally get strange PM's from certain members, some of who wish they had never sent them despite me not caring the slightest. At most I'll think it's strange in a funny way and dismiss it.

I've had plenty of my posts deleted too and I'm a Supermod lol.

I think in that badge thread the deleted posts go... Sabretooth, jmac7142, Scar Da Kookee, Lynk Former, Da_man, Yar-El, Rogue Nine, Scar Da Kookee, jmac7142 and then finally you, Qliveur.

As for the jester badge itself, I do agree that the bar is set too high for that badge, I also agree that deleting posts isn't very good and argued that point a long time ago to a point where I got so upset that I left LFN for over a year.

If you really don't like DI that much you can always put him on your ignore list with whoever else you feel you don't want to have to deal with. I can understand being sick and tired of other peoples asshattery, I really can.

I think what it comes down to is that there are so many people around in here within and outside of the staff who have a view of how this place should be run. I argue and debate with other staff all the time but just because I don't agree with some of their methods doesn't exactly make them elitists or immature.

...on the subject of immaturity, I'm guilty as charged... and I can safely say that I can be even more immature than any of the suspect elitists too.

Actually, it is your assuption based on incomplete information that is false...
Seems like a lot of people here have incomplete information by the looks of it...

And, no, I don't think that you're part of the problem, either.
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