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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I can see where Yar-El is coming from. One of the points I argued with the other mods awhile ago is that deleting posts may seem fine with us, but different members are going to react badly to it in different ways, some won't care, but others aren't going to understand the reasoning behind it.

That said, no, the posts in that thread weren't deleted for the reasons you think they were.


LOL @ Niner posting his own picture XD
I agree. On both counts. Moderators and admins may have extremely good reasons to delete posts; however, we all respond to actions emotionally. It gets in the way of rational reasoning, and people are driven into thinking the opposite of what is being conveyed. We end up ignoring moderator and admin posts. Why? We took offense. We then become enraged and emotional, and then the can of worms explodes.
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