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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I would just like everyone to know that the irony of the above post is not lost on me.

And Achilles was banned because he decided to use a sledgehammer in dealing with this very issue. The posts concerning that occurence were, of course, conveniently deleted as well.
The Achilles posts are deleted because they violated the rules. Provided a complaint from any member - not necessarily a staff member, as was the case here - they would have likewise been deleted. They are still accessible by staff for the purpose of record, but if you missed them, then you just weren't fast enough.

As for our objectivity, Achilles was not banned by the staff member he targeted. There was a post made in our staff forum and a third party administrator had a look at it. Then there was some back and forth and that administrator reached out to another admin and myself (who is definitely not involved in anything any more) to make sure everything was on the level. This is far more than any other forum would have done.

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