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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
If you really don't like DI that much you can always put him on your ignore list with whoever else you feel you don't want to have to deal with. I can understand being sick and tired of other peoples asshattery, I really can.
I believe that DI has more of a problem with me than I will ever have with him.
Originally Posted by Lynk Former
...on the subject of immaturity, I'm guilty as charged... and I can safely say that I can be even more immature than any of the suspect elitists too.
I'm as guilty as anyone in this regard, but I do try to recognize that there are times and places for such behavior, and that the decision-making process when determining and enforcing forum policy is not one of them.

While I'm happy to point out that the majority of the staff is more than capable of making this distinction, it has come to my attention over the past several months that a small number of them are not, and that they are aware of this to the extent that they feel the need to cover their tracks, and each other's tracks as well, but at the same time they don't seem to recognize the need to alter their behavior.

I can describe this behavior with one word: hypocrisy, and I believe that it is far more guilty of "spoiling teh funz" on this forum than all of my bitching about it could ever be.

While I know that it can never be eliminated, I believe that if I succeed in bringing it to the attention of some of those who were previously unaware of it, then this whole sordid affair has at least served some constructive purpose.
Originally Posted by Lynk Former
Now I wish I was, it's more interesting being the troublemaker
I can relate to that; obviously.

@matt--: I am in no way excusing or trying to justify Achilles' actions. Tactics like those he used have a tendency to undermine the effectiveness of one's argument despite its validity, which is why I'm trying a different approach: one that doesn't break the rules.

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