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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I believe that DI has more of a problem with me than I will ever have with him.
Either way, it's a solution you should consider.

I'm as guilty as anyone in this regard, but I do try to recognize that there are times and places for such behavior, and that the decision-making process when determining and enforcing forum policy is not one of them.

While I'm happy to point out that the majority of the staff is more than capable of making this distinction, it has come to my attention over the past several months that a small number of them are not, and that they are aware of this to the extent that they feel the need to cover their tracks, and each other's tracks as well, but at the same time they don't seem to recognize the need to alter their behavior.

I can describe this behavior with one word: hypocrisy, and I believe that it is far more guilty of "spoiling teh funz" on this forum than all of my bitching about it could ever be.

While I know that it can never be eliminated, I believe that if I succeed in bringing it to the attention of some of those who were previously unaware of it, then this whole sordid affair has at least served some constructive purpose.
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As stated before, the staff isn't one unified group who all agree with each other about everything... man, it'd be SO much easier if it was! We often debate and argue about a lot of things and most of the time we don't agree about a lot of things. I know all of the staff, at least on the Star Wars side of the forum so I know more about what goes on with the people you're mentioning than you do. If you think that certain staff simply gets away with certain things they may or may not have done?... I'm going to say right now. You are wrong.

Yes, there needs to be a level of accountability for the staff's actions. But also, yes, the entire forum staff is aware that certain members feel that certain staff are complete hypocrites and despite what you and others may think, it's not ignored.

Right now you're not exactly telling us anything new. That said, we have heard your concerns...

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