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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
The deal is that it should never have occured, had the Schools in East Sussex taught adequate sexual education classes.

That, and the parents of the 12 year old should have known better than to let him stay overnight with his 15 year old girlfriend.
Maybe. I received proper (more than proper actually) sexual eduction, but it's not 'holy' in some cases. My girlfriend told me the pill only has 98% chance of doing it's supposed job.
So...even WITH proper education, there are still circumstances in which it isn't enough. I actually know a girl who thought she was pregnant after returning from the hospital (painkillers negates the effect of the pill). She wasn't, but it still supports my point.

I do however fully agree with your second statement regarding the parental control. Like Sabre said, the 'feeling' is always there. When the kids are lying next to one other, it's quit inevitable. Talking from experience when I say sleeping next to a girl you love is...exciting.

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