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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Yes, there needs to be a level of accountability for the staff's actions. But also, yes, the entire forum staff is aware that certain members feel that certain staff are complete hypocrites and despite what you and others may think, it's not ignored.
That is very reassuring to know.
Originally Posted by Lynk Former
Right now you're not exactly telling us anything new. That said, we have heard your concerns...

Got any solutions?
Of course I have a solution. One that is very simple in concept and yet would be very difficult to implement in practice.

The offender(s) should be openly identified by their peers in the staff and warned that if their hypocritical enforcement of forum policy continues, their status and privileges will be revoked, and, most importantly, to actually follow through on the threat if one of them decides to put the rest of you to the test by ignoring the warning and continuing on their merry, hypocritical way. It would be even better if one of the offenders actually did defy the rest of you and was consequently demoted because that person would serve as a public example to everyone here that members of the staff are not untouchable.

I believe that, as long as it is genuine, the mere (but real) threat of such a public humiliation would be enough to solve the problem, given that appearances are all-important to a certain personality type, a type that has been freely exhibited by those to whom I am alluding.

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