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Sorry Igy, I didn't see your earlier post. But my idea is slightly different than yours.

When an RP is completed, stoffe, or recognised by people beyond the scope of the project as exceptional in quality, the award could be given to the Threadmaster. If it's a completed project, or the Threadmaster wishes to share recognition (which they should be encouraged to do), he or she can designate fellow players whom they feel were instrumental to the development of the story. Those players would then also be given the award. This last bit is to avoid the award being given to people who posted there or four times in the beginning, then dropped out. Unless the Threadmaster feels their contribution was vital enough to also warrant recognition for the final version, it's not really fair to give them a badge for it. If we did that, everyone who's ever posted in an RP could argue their way into getting one, and it would defeat the purpose of having a badge for it at all.
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