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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
When an RP is completed or recognised by people beyond the scope of the project as exceptional in quality, the award could be given to the Threadmaster. If it's a completed project, or the Threadmaster wishes to share recognition (which they should be encouraged to do), he or she can designate fellow players whom they feel were instrumental to the development of the story.
All right, sounds reasonable enough. The badge has been added; please check if the description sounds OK on the badge listing page, as I've never done any roleplaying and am somewhat unfamiliar with their organization and terminology.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
People Person - given to members who have <number> or more friends on the forum.

Game Master - for those active in the RP sections. Perhaps there could be a thread every few months for members to nominate the best forum RPs and the member who started the "best forum RP" in that period would get this badge.
The People Person one can be hard to set up guidelines for how it should be given; how would you measure if someone is a friend of someone else?

As for the game master one, if it's run as a sort of "contest" a separate contest winner badge could be added for that, if someone would be willing to organize that.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
I've noticed there's a new "Helpful" badge. My last suggestion would be that either this one, or the "Notable contributor" badge be also given to members who have contributed to the forums by making a significant amount of avatars/signature images/banners/etc for their fellow members.
Sounds like a "Helpful" act to me. Clarification of the criteria for requesting some of the badges has been added in the first post in the nominations thread (the others should get added too once we have some agreement on guidelines). Should hopefully make it somewhat easier to tell who fit into what category.

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