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Traveling through hyperspace can sometimes be dreary, but Nephthys enjoyed the sporadic moments of peace. Conditions on Gamorr reminded her of why this trip was important, and the long term struggles she had fought through. Living among Mandalorians has a hardening affect on one’s psyche; thus, causing the most open hearted person to closedown. Knowing full well of what was hidden on Gamorr, Nephthys forced her emotions to shutdown. It gave her the patience and edge to carry out any task. Some of Nephthys’s assignments were tougher than others; however, she didn’t allow her emotions to take over.

Three hours have passed since takeoff, and she still hasn’t gone down to the cargo bay. Connecting with others was not in the job description, nor was it anything that would be considered desirable. Nephthys always smuggled prisoners without interaction; thus, allowing her to effectively deliver the merchandise. Smuggling spice, weapons, and equipment was always an easier task. Breaking into a Mandalorian prison was not the job she had in mind; however, the profit alone sold her on taking up such an assignment.

Lines of text started to scroll across her computer display. “Right on time,” Nephthys commented. With a flip of a few controls, the comlink snapped on, and she spoke, “I have the merchandise.”

“Welcome home Nephthys,” the voice of an older female replied. “We will be waiting for you on platform two.”

“It’s nice to hear your voice Mistress Keto,” Nephthys replied. “I will meet you soon.” She clicked off the comlink, tapped a few more controls, and dropped out of hyperspace. Streaks of lines turned to stars instantly, the engines soothed to a hum, and the appearance of a jungle filled planet occupied the window.

Most of the Yavin system was filled with dead planets. Life in the sector was practically obliterated by The Great Sith War. Two decades have passed since the invasion, and the sector still looked like a graveyard. Orbiting Yavin IV was a massive space station under repair, several small equipment transports, and two refurbished Interdictor-Class warships.

“Mistress Keto was always worried about security,” Nephthys thought. With the click of a few controls, she brought her ship into orbit and began descending. Thick tropical jungle opened up to a large clearing. Spread across the planet’s surface, the remains of an ancient Massassi temple lays at rest. Each of its layers consists of overlapping sandstone creating a triangle formation. Years of weather and moss has slowly degraded the structure’s powerful presence; thus, removing the temple’s intimidating scale from history.

Nephthys swung the transport around the temple’s east side, powered down the thrusters, and landed softly on platform two. With a few more adjustments to the controls, the transport’s hatch burst open allowing fresh air to enter. Four large men in black armor, carrying long stun staffs, marched onto the ship. Pushing forward from behind the entourage, one of Mistress Keto’s assistants confidently walked through. She wore dark blue armor, a black cape reaching to the floor, and a black military pistol holster. “Mistress Keto is happy to see you have made it without injury,” she welcomed while raising her chin, “Did you have any trouble on Gamorr?”

“Still looking out for me Anglia,” Nephthys questioned.

With a quick snap of her fingers, the four men in armor proceeded to the cargo hold, and then she replied, “I only look out for your best interest.” Anglia turned towards the doors, and commanded, “Come, Mistress Keto is waiting for your report. She also has another job for you.”

Text started to scroll across Gerris’s computer display, and his com-link filled violently with noise. “Lieutenant Garris,” the clutter was replaced by a deep base and low toned voice, “Our agents have intercepted a transmission. We are patching it through to you now.”

“I have the merchandise,” an unknown female voice filled the com.

“Welcome home Nephthys,” another unknown female replied. “We will be waiting for you on platform two.”

“It’s nice to hear your voice Mistress Keto,” Nephthys replied. “I will meet you soon.”

“We have a slight change in plans for you,” the deep voice returned, “You will head to the Yavin system. Once you arrived to the sector, you will infiltrate the base on the fourth planet. Do not engage the enemy directly. Mistress Keto is a very powerful opponent, and she will be guarded heavily. You will enter the based to gather intelligence of her plans, and then assassinate Prisoner 147340. Do your best to stay out of sight.” A quick pause lingered in the com-link, and he continued, “Casualties are an option.”

Everyone else intercepted the transmission in red.

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