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Originally Posted by Kjølen View Post
People seem to forget that things take time.

Q: Where'd my badge request go?
Assumption: The staff hates me and deleted my posts
Real Answer: The staff deleted the post in the process of trimming the fat of the thread (which was specified in the rules of the thread early on) and the badge is in the process of being awarded.

Q: Why don't the staff enforce all the rules to the letter?
Assumption: The staff members are bad, negligent hypocrites who should never run for public office.
Real anwser: This is an Internet forum FFS. Our global economy isn't going to collapse because the moderators let slide some amount of good-natured, fun spamming. Also, our staff members should probably never run for public office.
I wish that you were right, Kojo, I really do.

But in my case this has gone on for about eight months now, not just the past couple of days, and has happened too often to myself and others (besides Adavardes) to be a mere coincidence. It's happened in places on this forum where you don't roam, so you wouldn't know first-hand, but this isn't just an isolated incident. I haven't said anything about it until now because I find the concept of ratting distasteful. I've never even reported on anybody, even when I've certain people's posts extremely offensive. I don't like ratting.

And I'm certainly not generalizing by stating or inferring that it's all of the staff, or even most of the staff. AFAIK it's actually just a small part of the staff.

Lynk has stated earlier in this thread that he is aware of it, as are other members of the staff, and that I'm not the first one to complain about it, so maybe something will be done about it.

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