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"The hokage has recruited me to gather some volunteers for a mission tomorow. Interested?"

As Asuka breathed from the practice she had, the young girl's eyes shot open and glanced at Kaneda with a surprised look. The Hokage was recruiting warriors for a mission? That was totally awesome!

Asuka stood straight, and smiled brightly. "You can count me in!"

"You did very well in the duel, if you ever need extra help do not hesitate to ask me."

"Thank you. You did well too, Takeda. And don't worry. Whenever I'm in deep trouble... I'll call for ya." She gave him a smile. Then she looked up at Akagi. "Also, Asuka, you did greater than expected. I see much promise in you. As Takeda said, do not hesitate to ask, for both he and I are willing to offer our experience to you. Good work to the both of you."

Asuka grinned, and replied, "Thank you so much, Akagi. You all did well too." She bowed, and sat on the grass, sighing. Boy, what a day...
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