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Education, education, education

In 1995 Tony Blair said that a Labour government under him would have three priorities: education, education, and education. It was all rather clever rhetoric and no doubt teachers across the nation leapt for joy. The extent to which the new Labour government of the past decade has improved education is debatable but that's not what I'm here for. I'm a-wonderin' what exactly you feel the priorities for education from age four and up should be and what is wrong or right about the education system in your country, or local area.

I read an interesting study recently which showed that an increasing number of American High School pupils are "playing the school game"; that is: not learning but playing the system to get the highest grades possible, to gain entry to the likes of Stanford, MIT, and (I suppose for the more internationally minded amongst them) Trinity College, Dublin or Imperial College, London. Undoubtedly, this sort of wheeling and dealing would make them good confidence tricksters, or "investment bankers" as they're known in some circles, but I'm curious as to what sort of long-term detrimental effect this sort of non-education will have on American society as a whole and the hollow shells that the system churns out in particular.

Few people now would think it sad that where once a school master would discuss Roman poetry in the original Latin, teachers are now content to simply tell their pupils that there was once a society which wrote in Latin and leave it at that. If Shakespeare, Milton, or Chaucer were no longer taught in English schools would it matter to people? Does it really matter full stop? -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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