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Why does everyone assume we are out to get them?

You ask us to do things, but then you turn around and don't trust a single one of us.

We don't plot "heh heh, who do we get to ban next"

Let me make this perfectly clear: We hate this drama, and would like nothing more than peace between the parties. Problem is, everyone seems to assume we are some highly organized big brother figure that is out to get all of you.

We have had staff leave recently due to overpressure from other staff and members because the barrier between the members and staff is being widened by both sides. They did not leave because of new staff. Not because of any 1 member.

We do this for free, and we try to stay organized on a spread out Star Wars/Lucas Arts forum.

You give us waaaay too much credit. Most of this paranoia comes from fundamental misunderstanding after misunderstanding on how the staff works.

It is a misnomer to call us a "staff" in the first place to be brutally honest. We're not organized, together, informed, etc enough to be one ruling entity.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
Do you really mean that? I have your word?
Half the reason things have gotten so bad is the members are so paralyzed with unjustified fear that we get no feedback other than "you suck" anymore.

{snip}If you have a problem, give us feedback on the problem.

A lot of the reason why I notice people are angry is because they have wrapped their feedback up in an unreasonably, and downright insulting manner. How do you expect us to answer "Well, I wont talk because they are after me" with an appropriate answer?

And, while we are being honest with each other: Those of you who are just ticked off because they acted inappropriately in Kavars and got reprimanded and are now taking it out on the staff...

Get over it. Its just an internet forum.
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