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Originally Posted by Lynk Former
You have my word. It wouldn't be the first time I've gone up against other staff members.
I believe you.
Originally Posted by Kjølen View Post
Jae likes to censor an unholy amount of data.
She certainly likes to censor me while she lets certain others be as offensive as they please. And they are offensive. The entire "Ahto Presidency" schtick was nothing more than a taunt aimed at me and every other member who has been visibly chafing under their obnoxious behavior. It was disguised as a "satire" for deniability purposes. I guess that they decided to regurgitate it to make their point. Again. And what's their point? That they rule this place.

I have no proof of this and so I pretty much thought it was pointless to name names or to mention anything about it at all. But since I'm about to quit the forum (which is, of course, what they wanted in the first place), I guess I might as well be a rat, which I hate.
Originally Posted by True_Avery
{snip} argh!
Excuse me?

"They should rename the team to the Washington Government Sucks. Put Obama on the helmet. Line the entire walls of the stadium with the actual text of the ACA.
Fix their home team score on the board to the debt clock, they can win every game 17,000,000,000,000 to 24. Losing team gets taxed by the IRS 100%, then droned."

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