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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
(1) When moderators defend their friends, how do the others confront them about the issues.

[Empl - Jae Onasi has a habit of sticking up for Emporer Devon, jmac, and EnderWiggin. People report their posts, and Jae Onasi seems to come to their rescue. She gives them a slap on the wrist, and then they are sent on their way. Example I - She closed the thread, told people she would take care of the issue, and then nothing else was said about what happened. J7 also said he would help, but there was no evidence of any infractions or bans. Why? - See reported posts.

(2) How does a moderator deal with a one-lined friend who seeks out to bait and flame people?

[exmpl - Jae Onasi defends EnderWiggin and jmac on more than one ocassion due to their one-lined posts being reported as baiting or flaming. How are they able to stick around when they keep baiting people? Jae? How many infractions do they have?]
Example II - They were trying to tag team the forumite, and no one said anything.

I used the same example twice.

(3) How does a moderator defend a friend who is insentisitve to a minor?

[exmpl - Jae Onasi defends Emporer Devon again? Solution: slap on hand, and deletion of post?] See reports for this: - Example III - Jae deletes Devon's insensitive post, but he gets away with it? Why? Jae?

(4) TK102 makes a joke during a serious discussion. He is mocking people?

Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
I love this picture and that's all I have to say at the moment.
yeh it's pretty boss

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