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Qliveur, I didn't even know I'd ticked you off--please PM me so we can work that out, because I honestly don't know what's going on there.

As for Darth Insidious, having chatted with him about the assorted Ahto Presidency and titles threads, I know you are not targeted, because when the threads were discussed, never was it mentioned, or even implied, that this was being done to annoy or anger anyone. Your name was never mentioned, neither was Adavardes', and if someone had said they were doing it to be nasty to either of you, I would have had a few choice words to say to them about how wrong I thought that was. I certainly would never have condoned that action by participating in it.

Yar-El, your posts, along with every other deleted post that was in the badge nomination thread, did not follow the instructions of my initial post. I don't think those instructions were that hard, and extraneous stuff will get pruned out just like in the name-change thread. It's the only way to keep that thread from blowing up into a huge spam-fest. I gave fair warning in the first post that any post not following the instructions fully would be deleted. I even put it in bold font. You didn't follow all the instructions, hence the deletion. I didn't even really pay attention to who posted it--I just looked at it, noted there was no link or evidence whatsoever to support the badge nomination, and it got deleted. I even posted a clarification later in the thread on why posts (note that that's posts, plural, because yours was not the only one) got deleted. I can't fix people's feelings getting hurt because they didn't read two separate and clear explanations--I have no control over that. If you got your shorts in knots, why didn't you PM me about it instead of stewing over it?

As for the posts you've reported: You can see every single reason why a reported post was handled the way it was by going to the top of the forum, clicking 'quick links', and then clicking 'your reported posts'. You'll see the explanation for our actions on the report listed. jonathan7, mimartin, and I all try to make sure to put a reason when we take action on a post. If you refuse to look at the reasons, there's nothing I can do to fix that, either.

Inaction on Emperor Devon: BS.
Let me make one other thing VERY clear: I DID NOT BAN ACHILLES. Let me repeat that: I DID NOT BAN ACHILLES.

Other staff members handled both of his bans. I'm not sorry he's gone, because being called essentially a racist liar among a variety of other nasty little terms really sucks. I did not delete the offending flaming posts. That was handled be a variety of other sensible staffers who agreed that posts that flagrantly violate the flaming rules and make baseless accusations should not remain in public view. Never fear for those of you who love him, he'll be back when his temp-ban expires.

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