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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
There *could* be exceptions here. Still, I have my doubts now as to whether or not he really is the father... I am no expert (Jae, some doctor's expertise here would be nice), however...if the naughty happened when the boy was 12...don't you think he might still (to put it nicely) have been a little undeveloped yet to "finish" the job??? There could be exceptions, but if that kid really is the father...frankly he barely comes across as 13 now...
Studies have shown that girls are developing younger and younger, with a fair correlation to the chemicals in our food. It's not surprising that there would be an effect on boys as well. I remember I could "finish" the job when I was 12. Really, human maturation rates are excessively slow in comparason to any animal in the world. We're treating younger and younger people with more responsibilities and more pressure, and I think that's adding to their younger development.

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