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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
True enough, my friend.

So what is being done about it? Sure stuff happens but I mean, come on, seriously. We may be animals of a sort, however we will not die if depriving ourselves of it I would think.

Not everyone has absolute power, but, we damn well have the ability *most of the time*. You have feelings just like you have thoughts--you are *not* your thoughts and feelings. One more person says that we ARE and I'll rip my hair out. You can control them.

@ general thread
This is getting ridiculous. I don't care to debate on what levels or what type of sex ed is most effective/should be enforced, but it IS needed. Especially to prevent this sort of thing. Or else we might as well just be a bunch of rats having litters of up to 24 babies in our nests.

It will be interesting to see what causes actually factored into this.
Sadly, you have just answered it yourself. 'We are not animals.' When people roll into the wrong group, they do become animals (with all the respect, just using the same words). I told you about the 9-year old Rotterdam ghetto kids who have sex in the garag boxes there. That was seriously shocking.
Someone mentioned food here. I do know alcohol can have a major effect on young people.
That we have the power to control ourselves or protect ourselves from wrong groups doesn't mean everyone (especially lower-scholed children who seek confirmation) has it.

I'll close with an example:
As some of you know I've been a studen-teacher for some time now, hopping to a new school every year. 2 years ago, I worked at a school with some (relatively) old 'last-graders' (12-13 years old). No problemo.

A year later, my buddy says he'll bring a girl over to our pub. No problemo. it was a girl from my class though. And my buddy didn't fancy her anymore after she revealed she had already slept with multiple guys and was quite the...whore at 12-13 years of age.

What went wrong there? From innocent schoolgirl (which I can confirm since I knew everything about her work-related) to what she is now?

Maybe that's why I can answer this so calmly...I've seen it before

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