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Gerris knew how long it took for transmissions to be recieved but this was ridiculous. After a few moments of silent contemplation he rose from his slumped position and made a casual effort towards the bridge. About seven minutes later he arrived and opened the door. As he went over to the main control panel he was amazed at the amount of bodies in the bridge. As he sat down he quickly shoved a body off the console and accessed the navigation controls.

Immediately he started tapping the buttons in a almost rhythmitcal sense. Within moments a small map of the sector whirred into view. He quickly dismissed Gamorr, for obvious reasoning. Even after checking the map four times he saw no suitable Mandalorian spaceport. He slumped back into his chair, trying to think of a course of action. Suddenly the map begun to spin, brining his view into a new perspective, revealing a different system . . .

"Dantooine . . . of course." In a small space station above Dantooine there seemed to be a small reading of lifeforms, he couldn't distinguish much from this distance, all save the faintest hum of life, far from his position. After restabilizing the engines he quickly turned the ship towards Dantooine, preparing the Hyperdrive.

Just as he was about to launch the ship into hyperspace disaster struck. A huge Republic warship, three times the size of his current vessel, pulled out of Hyperspace and unloaded a volley of turbolaser fire upon his ship. He had made a grave tactical error waiting for aid, as the Republic was surely going to miss such a vessel. In a futile gesture he activated the comm-link memory systems, revealing that the Republic had in fact tried to contact the vessel, three times before. Obviously aware that something had transpired they sent a ship to investigate. One round of lasers hit the hyperdrive stabilizers, initiating the procedure in a orderly fashion.

The navigation systems scrambled, the hyperdrive preparing to launch. Things turned from bad to worst as a volley of proton missiles were unleashed from a Marauder Frigate. This newcomer had snuck behind Gerris' vessel, hoping to hit his target whilst he was in dissaray. The missiles struck home as they sent Gerris sailing through the air, into a nearby console. The shields collapsed and the hull integrity rapidly fell to critical levels. As Gerris blacked out, he smashed a nearby console.

In a twist of fate the hyperdrive burst to life, sending Gerris to a system far away. The fact that the launch was not guided by navigation made the ship untrackable. Gerris blacked out, just as the ship fell to pieces. The trip through hyperspace had literally ripped the hull to pieces, leaving the bridge as a floating mass. The debris containing Gerris flew around for hours, before finally being caught in the gravity field of a nearby planet. The debris burst into flames and whatever sense of stability on board that flying sphere of junk metal quickly evaporated.

Gerris barely clung onto life as the oxygen slowly refilled his lungs. Two hours ago his oxygen supply in the armor had run out and his brain had been starved of air up until this point. His eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the light. He awoke to a hellish sight, as fire engulfed the surrounding debris. His armor had been torn to pieces by the atmospheric pressure and he swore silently. He crawled over to his rifle slowly, clutching it for comfort. Then a piece of the roof tore free and slammed down onto his leg, causing him to grasp it in agony. His leg had broken in several places, making it impossible to stand, let alone walk.

As he twisted his head to the viewport he saw the surface of a planet only a couple of hundred metres below him and the debris still dropped. Gerris twisted his mouth into a cry of terror, but one that would never emerge. The ship smashed into the ground leaving a trail of smoke and broken parts behind it.

One part of the bridge remained operational, a small little navigation panel. It burst to life as vibrant colors erupted into being upon the small window. Even as Gerris groaned silently in his nightmares the computer spoke. "Current Location: Fourth planet of the Yavin System. . ."

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