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I understand completely the frustrations with the current education system here in the states. My homestate, California, ranks 50 out of 50 and we used to be number one. How embarassing is that?

I understand that there are those who do skate by in the system and part of the problem comes from this teaching to the standardized tests that eventually end up determining the yearly budget. When I was in high school I was confused and pissed that my school (Cajon) had the highest test scores yet we were still listed as a needs improvement school and was endangered of being taken over by the state. San Berdu High got that and they are still under state authority.

I can't speak for myself skating through the system because I actually did learn and was encouraged to do so. Funny thing is my parents taught me to think and yet they get peeved if I suggest something not to their liking. Oh well. As someone once ascribed to me, I have a love of learning and I do enjoy learning and trying out things for myself.

I think though the skating through the system is the mentality that the students have. More likely they picked it up from home where education is not really given an major emphasis. In low income areas, it is disheartening to see kids who run around in hand me downs and parents are barely able to afford rent yet they insist on buying the new big screen TV or iPhones.

Does the system need an overhaul? More than likely yes but that saying education starts in the home is most important to remember and it is true.

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