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Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
I'm a-wonderin' what exactly you feel the priorities for education from age four and up should be and what is wrong or right about the education system in your country, or local area.
I'm not going to bore anyone with my own personal experiences, but I do feel that the British Education system places too much emphasis on examinations (although, this has, in some way been lessened by the abolition of SATS test for 14 year olds).

As for what I would like to see taught - better Social Education classes - while I don't think it will stem the rot that seems to be sweeping through a fair portion of today's youth, it might at least make them more responsible.

Regarding English Literature - something more than Shakespeare and Steinbeck. That was all I was ever taught, and it felt like the faculty was simply going through the motions so that we'd remember enough to pass the tests. There was no allure to any of it.

And I would've liked some History beyond Ancient Greece, the Feudal System, The English Civil War (as fascinating as I find it) and World War II. On the plus side, this craving for history lead me to research other periods in my own time.
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