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Originally Posted by Sabre
Also, dunno where they got that flag from, I've never seen that wheel as a Maratha emblem, it's more of a Indian emblem in general. The correct Maratha flag afaik is like zis.. Still, it looks pretty sweet, so I don't mind.
It is a very nice flag... and it certainly looks better (from a strategy perspective) than the real one.

Our Empire will be gracious towards towards the Dutch... so long as they can stay out of the number of regions required to win the campaign.
I bet it'd be most of India, and probably some European lands - Britain must hold Cairo as a victory condition (not sure why, but hey-ho).

Okay, so it doesn't look like the Demo will be with us any time soon... not that it's a big deal. I'd prefer they spent the next two weeks(!) polishing the final product.
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