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Possible Solutions

I'd like to start out by stating that I recognize that LF is in danger of imploding. If I have in any way contributed to this over the past several months (and I believe that I have), then I am truly sorry. I just want this place to be like it was before the days of political agendas and (perceived or actual) forum snobbery.

The purpose for this thread is for anyone to state their ideas on how to rectify the situation before LucasForums is irrevocably flushed down the toilet.

This is not a thread for finger pointing, denials, snide remarks, insults, derisive "serious business" humor-spamming or other forms of blatant obstructionism. If it degenerates into such, I will come to the conclusion that the offenders actually want the situation to remain as it is and I will request that it be locked immediately. I will then admit to myself that the situation is indeed hopeless and quit the forum, so if anyone really does want me gone, here's your chance.

This thread is for serious ideas on possible solutions only.

Now to the point:

1) Kavar's:
It was a noble experiment, but I agree with Darth InSidious' assessment that it was doomed to failure from the very beginning and has acted as a sort of cancer, with arguments and agendas spreading to Ahto and beyond. Various treatments have been applied to little or no effect and the only real solution left is for the KotOR forum to undergo radical surgery to have Kavar's permanently removed. Any and all political discussion (and agendas) should be relegated to the Senate Chambers, which has successfully existed for years without having the effect of poisoning the rest of the forum. I give credit to the Swampies for this, because they don't want and won't stand for that crap polluting their little corner of LF, and really: who can blame them?

2) Post editing, snipping and deletions:
These have to stop. I recognize that they are used in an effort to smooth over arguments and to eliminate the offensive nature of certain comments in order to prevent people's feelings from being hurt, but they are having a very detrimental effect by preventing conflict resolution and giving the impression of censorship and bias. Offensive and rule-breaking posts should be left as they are, warts and all (sans profanity and obscene photos, links and other objects), so that everyone can see exactly why certain actions are being taken by members of the staff. The only editing to offending posts should be moderator comments and the removal of the afore-mentioned profanity/obscenity. This will (hopefully) have the following effects:

a) To dispel impressions, be they real or imagined, of favoritism, censorship, the destroying of evidence and the sweeping of unpleasantries under the rug.

b) To enforce permanent accountability on any and all posters, including staff, by preventing the exploitation of the current policy of snipping and deleting flames and other forms of asshattery by depending upon it to cover their tracks. This should make anyone think twice before posting because once it's there, it's there for good and for all to see and use for future reference.

3) Staff meetings and decision-making:
Should be open to the public and subject to oversight and input by all forum members.

4) Promotions and demotions:
Should be decided upon by all forum members.

That's all I can think of right now. I welcome everyone to come forward and put forth their ideas in a civilized manner.

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