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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Offensive and rule-breaking posts should be left as they are, warts and all
I couldn't disagree more - If you want posts that break the rules and are offensive left as they were then one of the admins might as well go and delete all forum rules stickies across all the boards.

Anywhere that's open to people from across the world with different beliefs, attitudes and cultures need some basic rules, I can't think of any forums that don't have a set of rules - And if those rules are broken then the user has to be reprimanded and the post, or part of it, must be removed.

What would you think if you came across a forum the size of LF and found it full of posts that are rude and constantly flaming other members? I would personally think sod that and go somewhere else.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
3) Staff meetings and decision-making:
Should be open to the public and subject to oversight and input by all forum members.
I'm not meaning to be rude here but there's only one reply I can think of to this - Rubbish. How on earth can anything be decided if everyone had a say in it? There would be too many opinions and there would be no way that everyone would agree to whatever was being discussed, in the end nothing would ever happen.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
4) Promotions and demotions:
Should be decided upon by all forum members.
Again all I can think of is rubbish and more or less the rest of my above comment. If you're worried about certain people and groups that may or may not be forming/already here - Before you know it they'll be staff.

Also I don't know if this is the way it always happens but when Fracture was about to be released, there was an announcement asking if anyone was interested in running the site and moderating the forums, as far as I know RoxStar and myself were the only people who volunteered to help, anyone else had as much of chance as we did.

I apologise if this has came over rude but this is my thoughts on it.


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