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Originally Posted by Stream View Post
I couldn't disagree more - If you want posts that break the rules and are offensive left as they were then one of the admins might as well go and delete all forum rules stickies across all the boards.

Anywhere that's open to people from across the world with different beliefs, attitudes and cultures need some basic rules, I can't think of any forums that don't have a set of rules - And if those rules are broken then the user has to be reprimanded and the post, or part of it, must be removed.

What would you think if you came across a forum the size of LF and found it full of posts that are rude and constantly flaming other members? I would personally think sod that and go somewhere else.
I can definately see where you're coming from, Stream. I know that, in the past, when people have said things to me that I felt were very offensive on a personal level, I would not have been happy for the comments to have remained.

Again all I can think of is rubbish and more or less the rest of my above comment. If you're worried about certain people and groups that may or may not be forming/already here - Before you know it they'll be staff.
That's a good point. It might prevent a potential staff candidate, who, in the staff's eyes would perfect for the job, from being accepted because there may be some who have grievances with this person.

Or, at least, that's what I can envision happening, as it's happened in other places.
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