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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
And I would've liked some History beyond Ancient Greece, the Feudal System, The English Civil War (as fascinating as I find it) and World War II. On the plus side, this craving for history lead me to research other periods in my own time.
Hey, at least you were taught that in your own language. A couple of elementary schools around me are starting to teach history in 4th grade in Spanish. To English speakers. Not English as a second language. English speakers. Fourth grade was the year that I started loving history and to this day I still do. Fourth grade was also the year I started hating Spanish (they were a separate class like most sane schools would do). I wanted to learn German from the day we were forced to "learn"(if that's you call having someone with a couple years of training in spanish teach you) Spanish. Now take those two together and you pretty much destroy the one thing I look forward to in school. I know that I would not enjoy history like I do now had I been forced to learn it in the official language of a neighboring country. And honestly, history? Learning about the country one lives in in another language. Tolerance of other races is a swell thing. But I draw the line when you start teaching a kid about the founding of the US in Spanish when the kid's English is fine.

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