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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Another thing I think that should be changed is the sort of content that is told from a philosophical standpoint. From that, I mean, there should be a greater amount of time spent on teaching non-Western literature, history, and philosophies. I mean, the Greco-Roman period is fine and all, but a good deal of intellectual content developed in that time period was either created or innovated by other cultures that usually perfected concepts, often times years earlier. Of course, a good deal of those cultures have been made extinct by Western supremacists.

The point is, Western ideals aren't everything in life, and I'd rather have a more global perspective.
The only problem with studying non-western literature and history and philosophy, is that it won't be relevant to 9/10 western people. I suspect this is a bigger problem in the US than Europe due to the many diverse cultures in Europe. I think a move diverse background in European cultures would be applicable, but teaching American or European kids about the Chinese way of life really isn't going to benefit any but a few who interact with them on a regular basis.

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