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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I'd like to start out by stating that I recognize that LF is in danger of imploding. If I have in any way contributed to this over the past several months (and I believe that I have), then I am truly sorry. I just want this place to be like it was before the days of political agendas and (perceived or actual) forum snobbery.
Perceived by whom? I don't see implosion - just death by entropy from the lack of new members, and, to be quite honest, the lack of news relating to the games. TOR might lead to a resurgence, but I'm not seeing it at the moment.

From my perspective, the forum is turning into less of a loose community of random folks and more into groups of friends linked over the boards. It tends to happen.
1) Kavar's:
Since we agree on this, I don't think there's much point in me commenting, since I've got nothing to add here.

2) Post editing, snipping and deletions:
To be quite honest, this is more likely to cause more permanent rifts in the forum as people disagree on crap, get angry, etc. and vendettas form. Seen it elsewhere, and the end result is not pretty. And if you think the staff here are biased, believe me, for their no doubt many flaws, the staff here do a hell of a good job in comparison to elsewhere. Seemingly-random anecdote, but a friend of mine was perma-banned from a forum after being effectively told not to post by the admin.

3) Staff meetings and decision-making:
Should be open to the public and subject to oversight and input by all forum members.
Nice idea, but how do you include the entire forum in, say, an MSN chat? And also, sometimes decisions get made on the line by the staff member who's around. In the middle of a flame war that's about to engulf the whole forum is not really the best time for calling a general forum round-table on policy.

4) Promotions and demotions:
Should be decided upon by all forum members.
Seriously, terrible idea. Again, I've seen it elsewhere. This leads to:
1) A popularity contest,
2) Open civil war.

Neither of which mean is good.
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