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Look Q I have no agenda here, you know I'm nothing but a lowly former wannabe modder. The point is I hold no remorse towards you or anyone for that matter. Hell I hardly come here for extended periods of time, but even I know that what you're asking for is for the most part, largely unreasonable.

Let's dissect this thing point by point.

1) Kavar's:
Admittedly I'm the last person to know anything about Kavar's or the Senate Chambers. What you have going at Kavar's is simple, as stated in the description of the forums: A place for friendly discussion of serious topics. If you look deeper you'll also find an area for politics and religion. Politics and religion sounds like the things that start wars, you know like the Crusades, just an example. When people are being serious about politics and religion you're going to have heated arguments, there is simply no way to get around that. Now you're asking for those arguments to not be moderated and regulated, so you're asking for war without rules... define: anarchy. Which takes us to point 2.

2) Post editing, snipping and deletions:
They can't stop, just think about it again. You really want the flame/anger inducing posts to remain as such, to cause continued grief and petulance? You disparage censorship with the claim that it prevents everyone from seeing exactly why certain actions are being taken by members of the staff. Is it really a matter for everyone to see though? Let's say for example a post had greatly offended you, and action was taken against the member that made that post. Would you honestly want that post that offended you so much to be left intact to offend others? Can you see the contradiction in what you're asking?

Furthermore I believe that this has already been addressed, but deleted posts aren't entirely deleted, hence why your post count doesn't decrease if a post is deleted. So provided you require the necessary posts to prove a point, by going through the proper avenue, you can get what is needed. You have multiple feedback options available to you, first of all you have these feedback forums, but you also know the staff, and you can contact them directly. Do you realize how much that departs from your average internet ****fest of a forum? There are not that many large forums out there where you are capable of direct communication with the staff. Most of the time you don't even know who the staff is.

3) Staff meetings and decision-making:
Should be open to the public and subject to oversight and input by all forum members.
Come on now, you know this isn't a reasonable request nor is it necessary. If every change were to be debated on by the entirety of the community, nothing would ever get done. Besides, as I mentioned above the feedback loop is there, you have several outlets to voice your opinion, and the staff is there to discuss them with you. Heck, usually the staff are the ones that create threads asking for comments about forum changes.

4) Promotions and demotions:
Should be decided upon by all forum members.
Simply put, no. You want all forum members to have a say in the assignment of staff members? How does that depart from the favoritism that you claim exists? Opening this would be like voting for your class president in high school, if it's between a cheerleader and the chess club leader, who do you think it going to win, and how is that anything but favoritism. I think what you actually want out of this is to be able to influence the decision behind the appointments of staff members. Need I refer to the outlets available for feedback again?

Q, the point is, you're claiming that there is some underlying conspiracy or that LFN is in a state of turmoil. That's simply not the case, if you find that you can't trust anyone here I feel terribly for you. I've met almost nothing but people with the right mindset while I've been here, especially within the staff. As far as Kavar squabbles spilling into Ahto et al I can't comment on that specifically as I try to avoid Kavar's like the plague because I'm not a serious guy. If you want my opinion on what's happening in the KotOR forums, if anything significant is indeed happening, it's the aging of the games.

If you look far enough back at the KotOR forums it was born and raised around Holowan and the modding community. The game has aged and the people that started that community have largely moved on so that influence is gone. If anything you're looking at the foundation of a building that's been crumbling and has been patched with new members and a shift in attitude. Yea my metaphors suck, deal with it.

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