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For me, what I sadly notice is that many students in my school don't care about learning at all, and are totally disrespectful to the teachers.

My school is pretty great, but the students have the worst attidtudes about it. We have Laptops, great teachers, and wonderful, very lenient, helpful, freindly teachers! But no, most of the students complain, complain, and complain.

I bet that there are lots of bad schools out there and lots of good schools. The bad schools- they only need to be improved to be like the good schools.

The problem at the good schools (like mine, cause its awesome!), is that there are lots of disinterested students. I think the problem is the students, not the teachers. The system can always have room for improvement, but I think the problem is, at the core, the attitudes of the students.

Yes, I admit that I don't really enjoy certain required classes, like history/government classes & english classes, but I understand that they're important.

The thing is, most students I know loathe homework, and hate having responsibilities. This is really sad. Perhaps one of the greatest, most beneficial, rewarding responsibilities a person should have is to learn!

Something needs to be done about this. There has to be a way to motivate the students to want to learn! Maybe a motivational speech or two?

(Hmm, maybe I need a motivational speech so I'll stop slacking on my civics homework. )

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