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Technically, having any children is increasing the population. If the average Western person lives to 80 And has children on average at 20, then in the remaining 60 years of your life, 6 new people would come into existance. Increasing the population. Granted this would eventually balance out, but if length of live contrinues with this ratio, say, in 20 years the average person lives to 100, well now there's 8 new people, and that 4th generation may live to 160, that's 14 new people. And so on.

Will I think of how I effect the world? Of course I will. Does that mean I think having 2 children is the answer? Not at all. I think there is a point where having children becomes excessive, but I count that in number of pregnancies, not number of children really, and sometimes regularity of kids.

If you have 9 kids from 9 different pregnancies, that's excessive. if you have 9 kids from 3 sets of triplets, which odd as that is, is possible, then that's different. If you're having a kid every year, that's a bit much, if you have several kids over a larger span of time, that's a different story.

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