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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Don't look at me. Look at the moderators that made the rules.
Except that you are a moderator.
Originally Posted by True_Avery
I just happen to find an attraction to pointless drama. If you do to, feel free to volunteer to help the staff. If you don't like having a vein throb, then stay away.
If the staff ever asked me to take a position, I would do it in order to serve the community of which I am a member. However, that's not likely to happen anytime soon, and you don't see me knocking down any doors to get my name in bold. I don't necessarily go looking for trouble.

So for now, I'm here, explaining why a staffperson should not undermine other staff and why you should either not complain about your position or quit.


Originally Posted by A_K
I personally think the staff are doing are pretty good jobs of running things - i've no complaints, and have always found them to be extremely approachable if i've needed to raise an issue with them.
FTR - I wholeheartedly agree with you, Astor.

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