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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Except that you are a moderator.
Not of Senate. I don't tell them how to do their job, and they don't tell me how to do mine. Senate is there, its rules are there, and the moderators have their way of doing things.

Thus back to my point that the staff is hardly as organized and united as many people seem to believe.

Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
So for now, I'm here, explaining why a staffperson should not undermine other staff
I am not undermining them. I am a member posting in a forum that is run by staff who have jurisdiction over that area, while I do not. I stay out of their business, and they stay out of mine.

If I wanted to undermine them I'd be posting in Senate about how bad I think the mods are. If I wanted to undermine them, I'd be giving infractions and/or banning people who post in senate. I do not, however, because they seem to have a stable thing going. I do not agree with the rules all the way, but they are in place.

And just like Kavars, neither I nor anyone else has to go into the forum by force.

Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
and why you should either not complain about your position or quit.
Oh if you could only see the staff forums...

Originally Posted by Qliveur
I think that part of my problem could be summed up as not approaching them enough, and that on one of the few occasions that I did, it was the wrong time to do it and it was about the wrong person.
Agreed completely.

People were not getting their satisfied results from reports and such, so they would spam stoffe, d3, and tk with demands that things get done. Tk and stoffe are hardly the people to run to, and it has caused a lot of drama between the admin and moderator portions of the staff.

We need input, but going over mods heads to other mods and admins is just as bad as the staff undermining each other, or purposely undermining members.

People do not trust the mods to get things done much anymore, and it is starting to bleed over as mistrust between the staff. Staff demanding things get done in forums that do not belong to them, or punishing members in forums they have no privilege to be punishing in is one of the main problems we've been trying to fix lately.
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