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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Show me where in the article that is, and when that was actually used? Seriously, though the Patriot Act was just after we were attacked...
That's why it's so bad; it allowed the government to take as much power as needed. Hence why they created the Department of Homeland Security, yet another agency to watch over the public, as if we didn't have enough. In a time or national emergency, order becomes disrupted, allowing for anyone to take control; it has been done in the past, it will be done again.
At least when I talk about a conspiracy I provide evidence to back myself up, you have yet to provide one valid source.
Do conservative blogs count?
For the record, I had my disagreements with President Bush. You however, apparently don't know what the word 'smear' means, because I actually posted stuff to back up what I was saying and provided evidence. I have not falsified information, therefore I haven't smeared anyone.
And you're the one who likes to poke at every little association of Mr. Obama, so you're equally guilty of smearing him.
I believe it was either you, Achilles, or jmac, or PastramiX. I'm going off of memory and as I remember it was you that came up with that nutty conspiracy, but if I'm wrong please point out who did so I can redirect my statement.
Bush? He lacks the cunning. The mastermind would be Cheney.

Either way, you're paranoid about a liberal president destroying America.
That may be, but I'm not on the far right unless you think Pelosi is on the political center and if you believe that I've got some land on Jupiter to sell you. you're still on the far right.
Actually, one side is already not being represented much, as Mr. Limbaugh has pointed out himself, he is an entertainer not a news anchor. That is a big difference to news anchors swooning over Barack Obama and in some cases wanting to go to bed with him.
...and yet others wish to lynch him.
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