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Having more than 2 children will destroy the planet? Maybe, maybe not. I'd think the earth will deal with the overpopulation problem, naturally, if governments cannot handle it and people can't be bothered to keep it in their pants. I know it is cold, but even if we try, I have my doubts about everything related, here. The earth only has so much.

Frankly it is a problem bigger than any of us. Even if we conserve on having kids, I am doubtful that enough others will do it, too.

Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Will I think of the environment? Yes.
Should there be compulsory limits? Absolutely not. We're not China over here.

Just when I thought you couldn't make me crack up again, you say something like this. Yet totally relevant. How does he DO that?

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
I think there shouldn't be, to be honest.
I do think that there should be some sort of exam as a requirement for a marriage license, that evaluates both mental and physical aspects, in order to ensure that future children don't end up in an awful situation.
I would agree there. Unfortunately, having seen what I have about eugenics and neo-eugenics, be it either on societal engineering or genetic testing scales... I cannot decide which would be worse... potential overpopulation chaos or paving the way for elites to be doing sick experiments on their fellow humans.

However, I do know there used to be a health test called a Wasserman test--
Checked for STDs at the very least. Pre marital and the potential spouse was informed. Both participated. Had to. You could not bow into privacy protection of results to hide them from your soon to be significant other. 'Course back then, there was not the privacy act either.

Probably this was done because the US was more religious back in those days. Just guessing though.

Maybe you should ask the rabbits that question.
Fresh critters to eat for the wolves. Problem solved.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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