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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Wow, how blunt. Still a tough choice to call considering all things even without any other meaning attatched to the choices.

Well, I value life and do not romance war, personally. However I recognize inevitability of war and quite sadly a necessity for more than that of population control. I'm not saying doomsday, but all the time I am reminded of signs that $#*@ is about to hit the fan.

True it is a choice.

Innovation problem...yes and I think in general that of apathy and laziness (not to scathe or mock any recent postings elsewhere ) causing a general obliviousness--the very condition needed for disasters to start happening.

As far as the real problems...I find it odd that government and unions pay farmers not to grow...yet we must pay and extend services when the less fortunate are in need. I have an innovation for you courtesy of Native American chiefs who have a clue for the farmers and the less fortunate: have these farmers (still paid, but now) produce food that shall go to these less fortunate. It would save $$$ and feed the hungry needy. I think that might even help the environment.

Any objections here?

How about all that spare food in restaurants that is either given away for free or thrown away because it has to go? Why not have that go to local homeless shelters?
Hmmm finding what to cut was difficult, so I figured I would simply leave it in tact.

I will say that most restaurants especially higher end ones tend to give their food to homeless shelters. The ones that do not, choose it more for liability purposes than anything. If someone gets sick from a food item from a major restaurant, they could be held liable(to an extent, obviously).

The oblivious: Sadly that seems to make up more and more of the population of the planet.

War: I just feel it is more ethical of a choice to other means of population control. Generally because it tends to exist without being FOR population control in itself. We start other means of population control and war breaks out, we end up with an underpopulation problem.

Farm Subsidies: Never been a big fan of them, but I understand why we have them. That would probably be best debated in another thread though. But still your point is valid, that if we need the food, we can always call upon those that are getting paid NOT to grow.
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