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Originally Posted by starwind40 View Post
anyway. I think that line "not with you, no" was a big easter egg of somekind. like Vader knew his son existed.
I have to rebuke you on that one. Remember this is before ANH happens. Luke Skywalker was on his aunt and uncle's farm on Tatooine.

"To protect you both (Luke and Leia) from the Emperor, you were hidden from your father when you were born."
--Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke in Episode VI: ROTJ

"Hidden, safe the children must be kept." - Yoda
"We must take them somewhere where the Sith will not sense their presence." - Obi-Wan

From Episode III: ROTS

If Vader actually knew where Luke was, he would have taken him in secret and trained him all those years, but instead he was training Starkiller. There's a reason for this and that is Vader was unaware of Luke at that time.

Originally Posted by starwind40 View Post
Remember, he knew padme was pregnant before she died
True, but Anakin was led to believe that the children died with her. At her funeral she still had the appearance of being pregnant.

That was done to trick the Sith into believing that Padme's unborn child died with her (not knowing she was carrying twins of course).

Now to other pressing issues.

Here is why I'm having trouble believing that the Emperor sent Vader to kill Starkiller's father to take the boy. Maybe it would be a good idea for everybody who still has a copy to play the game again, especially the prologue.

"I sense someone far more powerful near by. Where is your master?"

When Vader says this, he is unaware of that Stakiller's father had a son.

"A son?"

Then all of a sudden Stormtroopers show up. Vader kills them to eliminate them as witnesses. It's like I've said in other threads before this. I believe the Emperor found out about Starkiller later on and devised a plan to create division between Starkiller and Vader in hopes he could replace Vader as his apprentice.

I wrote a summary about this several times now on how Vader underestimated Starkiller's ability and that he goofed. It all was motivated by Vader's fear of Sidious and knowing that if his plan to overthrow him messed up, he was a dead man and because Vader was a "broken shadow", he couldn't afford to take too many risks because he would now never ever become more powerful than his master.

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