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Female Revan x Carth. The very first conversation you have he starts flirting with you. Then you get the chance to have him call you gorgeous whilst you call him . . . . something to with bantha stuff . . . 8-)

Plus the playthrough of it is just great . . . provided you have the right mods. The Bastila one is faaaaar to dramatic.

Bastila: Drk s!d3 ez b@d! --5 Minutes later
Bastila: Join the dark side Revan!
Revan: Buuuut hurneeeey, I wunted to beh good guy ekay?
Bastila: Kk -Becomes a Jedi again-
Revan: Gimmeh quick snog b4 i go fight baldie-locks
Bastila: Errrmkay
-smuuch then run off-

Yeh, best romance story of the century.

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