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It's destructive for humans to multiply like they have in developing countries indefinitely, but there is just as significant a threat to economies such as Japan and Italy, who have an inversed population pyramid... where there are many more elderly than children. It is best to keep a slight increase in population growth, such as 2.1-2.2 children per couple in order to ensure developed countries won't suffer the same fate such as what these states are facing.
It's not such a huge problem really, developing countries see their growth rate decline as they get richer, while developed countries can always absorb surpluss population from poor countries, at least for the forseable future.

The problem we will eventually face is that we are depending upon imported fertilizers and contaminating sources of water through our agricultural activities. If we restricted the use of fertilizers and certain irrigation methods in arid locations, we would have lower crop yields, but that might be sustainable. If we skipped feeding most of it to livestock and instead grew crops for human consumption, we could sustain a larger population than we already have in the US.
While I'm all for improving eficency, not using fertilizer seems like a waste, since it is available, why not use it?
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