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Outer Rim territories
Planet 337, or Suvoquo
20 parsects from Gamorr

Korvik "Atin Beskar" Derekil sat in briefing, twiddling his thumbs.

"Main Republic forces are here..."The boring Mission Briefer was saying.

Korvik spoke up,"Wouldn't it just be easier if you let us out and destroy every Republic scum out there. This briefing is making my armor chafe."

A couple of Mandalorians near Korvik chuckled.

The Mission Briefer shrugged,"Well, Commander Derekil, if that is what you wish. Mission briefing is over."

Korvik smiled,"That was quick."

Everyone laughed, even the Mission Briefer, maybe even he was aware of the boringness of his speaking.

Korvik stood,"Alright, prepare your Basilisks, we are going to bomb this planet to shabuir. ETA is five minutes. Get your minds into gear, today, Republic forces will know MANDALORE!!"

The Mandalorian commanders in the room all cheered at the sound of their glorious leader.

Korvik smiled and went to the orbital scanners that were nearby.

The Mandalorian manning the station saluted and handed Korvik the readouts.

"Seven heavy-cruisers, nine fighter carriers, three capital ships, and twenty fighter squadrons. All this against Mandalore's fleet, behhhh, I wish they had more. Send in the all-clear for Admiral Serevick."

The Mandalorian nodded and went about his orders.

Korvik checked his weapons and shrugged,"Another planet, another battle, I think I need a promotion...."

He then went off towards the Basalisk hangars.

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