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Originally Posted by Bee Hoon View Post
I like how creative it is, although there are typos and punctuation errors. As always, all your little touches add great depth: the regulated flying height, the unicorn (!!), the explanation of the resonance field (although I got lost somewhere through the explanation) and so on. As you intended, I'm left wondering about the sword--why he was chosen for it, and by whom. By the way, you said that they had did activating the resonance field somehow undo the seal which also removed human powers?
As Larry Niven did in a book entitled The Magic Goes Away, you use it up. The idea was the resonance field sealed away the source of magic, so Magicians became just men again. However it was done with malice aforethought; they knew it would happen. A magical version of mutually assured destruction.

As for the sword, that will be explained shortly

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