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Gerris stirred from his slumber and blinked his eyes several times, adjusting to the moonlight. Fire raged on all around him and debris littered the crash sight. He rolled over from his chest, onto his back and breathed easy. He could barely feel his own body, so immense was the pain. He stared at the sky blankly, wondering if this was how his life would end. Dying for such a trivial cause was not within his interests, much better to die upon the field of battle. He had achieved only a single victory and that was not enough.

Suddenly a huge shadow blotted out the moonlight, leaving total darkness. The last he saw was a shuttle, baring the colors of the Republic.

Gerris awoke to find himself within a Kolto tank. He immediately plotted a plan of action, noting that most of his limbs were now functional. It seemed he had underestimate the Republic medics, as their techniques proved most effective in restoring him.

He then saw his armor, deposited next to a nearby terminal and knew full well he would need it. However when he looked for his rifle, he found no luck. Gerris, suddenly aware that he was recieving curious looks feigned a blackout, hoping to buy himself a few more precious minutes. Opening the corner of his eye cautiously he noticed two soldiers leaving, followed closely by a medical officer. He repeated the action with his other eye, noticing only three companions that remained. One was a soldier, no doubt keeping watch on Gerris. The other two were droids and Gerris noticed that ones movements were noticably sluggish in comparison to the other. After a few minutes passed he noticed the slower droid exit the room, likely going to recharge its power cell.

The other was immersed within its work, taking care of the other charges whilst his companion recharged. Fortunately for him, the guard had lost interest in his quarry and was instead busy pacing the room. Gerris slowly brought his foot up behind his back, reaching his hand down into his boot. After fumbling through the empty space for a couple of seconds he gripped a small, metal cylinder. Immediately he drew it and concealed it under his wrist band.

He then repeated the action with the other foot, this time drawing a small hilt. He pushed a small button on the hilt, causing a small blade to emerge from the small device. He then held his hand to his waist, carefully poising himself in between the spectators line of sight and the blade. By now the soldier had returned his attention to Gerris and was watching him cautiously.

Now was his chance. Gerris brought foward the blade, smashing into the glass case. The strike was not enough to cause a large dent, but it was enough for his objective. He quickly drew the cylinder from his wristband and pushed it into the gap, twisting the end. Thankfully the hole disallowed whatever foul gasses the container released to enter the Kolto Tank, instead flooding into the med-bay.

Immediately the soldiers status detoriated, as he fell to his knees and began to cough feverently. Gerris smashed his fist into the glass, his leather handwraps shielding him from the fractured glass. He withdrew his fist, wary of further extending the damage to his body. The Kolto flooded out and the oxygen mask became defunct. Quickly drawing off the mask he leapt forward and siezed his armor quickly going into a nearby maintenance hatch. It seemed the ship he was on was of mercenary origin, as the hatch led to a small smugglers compartment.

He resealed the panel behind him, hoping the Republic would not notice the crude placement of his hasty stow-away. He quickly drew on his armor, wanting to taste battle again as soon as possible. About ten minutes later he re-emerged from the panel. The ships alarm had gone off, but as far as he knew of Republic protocol, his was signalling a battle. As he emerged from the panel, he noticed the decapacitated soldier drop something.

It seemed to be the combination for a storage locker. Immediately he looked up, his eyes greeted by so convenient a sight. He input the codes and the door flew open, revealing his rifle, along with his other possessions. Gerris siezed the rifle, drew it over his shoulder and sprinted out of the Med bay. Within seconds he had come across a pair of unarmed Republic soldiers. One of them reached for his comm-link, but it was too late. In a whir of motion Gerris was upon them, siezing one of the soldiers by the wrist and launching him down the corridor into a incoming droid.

He then drew his rifle and put it to the face of the remaining soldier, demanding directions to the hangar. The soldier quickly obliged, obviously fear-struck by the encounter. He broke this ones neck, one less coward for the galaxy to bare. He sprinted along the instructed route, overcoming any Republic patrols.

He burst into the hangar and was shocked to find a Jedi, who was just as surprised as Gerris was. Gerris immediately swung a kick at the Jedi's chest, followed by a uppercut to the head. His tactic worked, bringing the Jedi to the floor. He grabbed the Jedi's lightsaber as a trophy and ignited it through his chest.

Perhaps Jedi were not as skilled as he anticipated. Either way two whole strike squads began emerging from the west-eastern doors, blasters already aimed at him. He dived into a nearby Republic fighter, launching it from the hangar. He looked at the navigation screen. The planet he was in orbit above was designated as Suvoquo and a Mandalorian fleet was dead ahead. As soon as he was out of range of the Republic fleet he input Mandalorian comm-codes into the computer and requested audience with the commander, designation; "Commander Derekil".

(Sorry about the whole twist of fate thing, but I need someone to RP with )

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