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Korvik gazed at the rows and rows of Basalisk war droids, each one, armed to the teeth and ready for battle. He was about to continue to his personal attack craft, when his second-in-command, Drishhu Het, tapped him on the shoulder.

He looked at his right hand man,"What is it Drishhu?

The soldier handed him a holo-recorder,"Sir, someone has requested your audience via hologram. We've tracked the source to Republic ship, Liberty."

Korvik raised an eyebrow and took the recorder.

"The Republic? What do they want, some warning that we're going to kill them? They should already know that."

"Well, sir, I don't know, check it out."

Korvik nodded and pressed the activication button.

He adjusted his stance and tried to look as tall and proud as his Mandalorian heritage would allow.

"Su'cuy, I am Commander Derekil of My Mandalore's Third Fleet. You ahve requested an audience, what is it that you wish?"

you very much
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