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Originally Posted by PatentMC View Post
1. After (for example) Atton becomes a Jedi guardian can he later on change class to a prestige class like Sith Assasin etc. or is that not possible?? (I'm reffering to ssprestigeclass mod, because i read about it but still I can't find an answer for this question)
No, each character can only take on two classes, so once Atton is trained, for example, he becomes a Scoundrel/Sentinel. The Prestige Padawans mod alters things so that the character takes on the higher prestige class, according to his/her alignment, rather than the basic class. So, Light Atton would be Scoundrel/Watchman, Dark Atton would be Scoundrel/Assassin.

If you have the KSE, though, you could always (as I do) remove the Scoundrel/Soldier/Scout class once the character becomes a Jedi class, and add a Prestige class when you like. I usually train them as Jedi, remove the base class - keeping the Jedi class - train them to lvl 15, then give a Prestige class.

Originally Posted by PatentMC View Post
2. By the way I've finished Nar Shadaa (after finishing Tatoine and making a lightsaber) and I didn't find any lightsaber on Nar Shadaa (I've heard you can collect 3 4 lightsabers there) did I missed any?? Any tips??
As I recall, there are a good few sabres on Nar Shaddaa.

1. In one of the boxes in Vogga's treasure room when you complete the quest involving breaking into it (there's a room off the docks where an Aqualish and a Gran are standing. Sneak in under a stealth field to hear them and start the quest).

2. Reuniting Aaida and her husband (the husband is in the same lot of rooms. His wife is in the Refugee Sector. You'll have to kill the Guards to get her through, far as I know.)

3. If you persuade the Exchange to back off and wipe out the Serocco, you'll get one from Hussef, I think. (to get the Exchange to back off, talk to Geriel, then tell Saquesh about the sick refugee, you'll be able to convince him to give them more room. DO NOT wipe them out!)

I'm nearly sure Zez-Kai Ell doesn't drop a lightsabre...I think that may be the lot on Nar Shaddaa.

Originally Posted by PatentMC View Post
Again thank you in advance!!!!!
No problem

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