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Disclaimer, these opinions entirely represent me, and not the rest of the Staff nor Lucas Forums

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
2. Cliques, Elites and Other French-Origin Words
I will be so bold as to risk being labelled a sonofabitch and blame Skype as one of the reasons behind this whole hullabaloo. Some users will remember that I was reluctant to join Skype and liked to pretend I was a gothic mysticist in the Knights Chat.

The reason was, I saw an esoteric club that had been formed between members of the forum. This is not an inherently bad idea, but when the club ends up bitching about each other, laughing at other members of the forum, devising ideas and being very sneaky in general, problems start happening.

I will also not deny that there is something of a cabal and at least a perceived thread of favouritism in the Skype cult. The best example I can give you is the controversial stickying of the Imperial appointments thread, which speaks for itself.

And as any expert of Skype Dramaz will tell you, there are groups within the Skype group, and individual friendships within these, many perniciously working against each other in some kind of weird festive pagan clockwork.

As much as I enjoy the company of some of the people I've met in Skype, I know it feels like some exclusive high school club of elites that all the nerds and dorks have to stay out of. And I can tell these nerds and dorks know this, and most probably don't like it.

Don't mean to drag Skype dramaz to the forum, but my point is: there is an undeniable closed group consisting of a sizeable number of forum veterans and regular members including a number of the Knights staff members.

What we are now going through is a stage of decay where distrust has bred throughout the forums and rather than as idle commentors, users take each other very seriously as human beings.
The problem as it seems to me though, that I'm unsure what Moderation staff are meant to do about the Skype issue? I can't really ban Skype, nor do I want to break contact with friends I have from the boards. With regards me and Skype; my Skype address is open to all at Lucas Forums, you only have to PM me asking for my Skype name and you may have it

I agree with Sabre's points, I am in the Skype chats but I don't think I'm a member of any cliques, I also know some subjects about Lucas Forums aren't discussed in front of me, as I will moderate anything in forum (you know who I'm talking about! ). I aim and would hope that my moderation here is the same regardless of who you are, and I hope that the majority of you feel that you are treated the same if/when I moderate any of you.

My 2 cents the thread in Ahto shouldn't of been stickied, if only for all the trouble its caused. It was a mistake, for me personally I wasn't around at the time (it was my bday around that time ).

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Looking back to the present: I don't think any constitutional reforms need to be taken in the forum to bring change, neither do we need a charming black man to take over Aristotle's seat. Our staff is, to my knowledge, working the best they can and I still find the forums sufficiently usable and entertaining. So long as it stays like that, I will continue to visit.

The social phenomenon will have to change on its own, how and when I cannot predict. Everybody needs to lighten up, stop relating with each other so deeply and be sensible in general.

Peace my brothers and sisters,
El Sabre
Good post Sabre-rooney!

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